Thumb up! … Dalam Botol

So I watched this movie..

... dalam Botol Movie
movie: ... dalam BOTOL

I’m saying..its worth my time. I’m impressed, for Malaysian movie other than P.Ramlee’s.  In comparison to Merong Mahawangsa, I like … Dalam Botol better.  The fact that I actually can feel the character of Ruby, its outstanding. I’ll give Merong Mahawangsa 7/10 but … Dalam Botol 7.5/10.. Impressive I can say. Its really outside Malaysian’s comfort zone. Simple movie with huge effect. Might watch it some other time, coz there’s a lot to learn from that movie.  Khir Rahman did a got job, although I kinda dislikes his part in Merong’s movie but again, it’s worth time and every cent spent.

Personally, I hope this movie should teaches others some value of life. Even though you are saying that you are being true to yourself, but the norm of life will still win. You shouldn’t fight that. Go ahead if you wanted to dress like the opposite sex but deep inside you, please reserve yourself. Don’t do it up to the boundary. Don’t regret it later. Don’t do it until there’s no turning back..ay? Just don’t..

Moral of the story~~be yourself! The truest-self!



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