It’s not just about me..

I was driving about an hour ago that I come to realization that I am living now, it should not just about me. It should be me and all those people around me.  I froze sometime, how selfish I have been.  I now know that there are many things that I can do, interact with people and do not do things alone.  To do somethings that have impact, good deed.

I am so  inspired by my mum. She’s the president of the Women’s Fellowship at St. Gregory Church,Giam. What I see is that how much she’s willing to really involves in church works, the village activity. She interact with a lot of people! I’m the opposite. Same thing when I’m in class. I just have a few friends that I hang out with and I am totally bad in communication. Hell.

So, back to the things that I meant by “it’s not just about me..” are the things that I wanted to do, and change myself to stop being selfish. I really need to change! How to? I’ll go step-by-step. Definitely it will take time, but I hope i change. Finger cross.

I have something in mind..quite disturbing actually. Nowadays world its all about multitasking. We do things in one time. The effect is that, the things that we do is just good. It’s not the best that it should be.

The other thing is that our young generation today is so lack of so many things. With all the computer things, video games, television, internet..all these things really have swallow our youngster into fat-ass-lazy brat. You see, what I mean here is they play football on the computer, buy toys online. People! What happen to our youngster? What will happen to the football field? No window shopping anymore? Minor seen smoking cigar freely, with no fear. Drink alcohol.  It’s heart-sunk seeing it. So I would like to start from my village. Create something. Oprah can..why can’t I? But of cos, after successfully grab my deg and a secure career. Someday people..someday..


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