May 16: Happy Teacher’s Day!

Yupp..its May 16, not May 13 or May 19..IT IS MAY 16..Its Teacher’s Day in Malaysia. 

I’m no teacher but I wanted to personally wish all teachers in this globe a Happy Glorious Day in your career as a teacher. Without teachers, I can’t imagine how this world looks like. pheww..

So, to my sister AVINA SAWIN, a teacher at SMK PUSA;  Cikgu Kangot Awan, Cikgu Aminah, Cikgu Chew Bee Kiow, cikgu Zaharah bte Sulaiman, cikgu Evelyn Medong, cikgu Joanitha, and all teachers from SMK PENRISSEN NO1;  cikgu Sharlene Hamzah Andryshake, cikgu Edwin, Cikgu David John, Cikgu Rijet Niset, cikgu Rosly Bua Ula, cikgu Patrick Thiagarajah from St. Gregory Giam last time;  Pn.Ledia, Pn.Nurhidayah Seetha Abdullah, Mr. Agus Adib Iskandar, and all lecturers of civil engineering department from Politeknik Kuching Sarawak(PKS); Lecturers from UNIMAS of civil eng. department, Mr.Ron, Mr.Larry, Mr.Abd. Razak, Mr.Abd. Azim, Mdm.Norazlina Sa’don, Prof Nimal, etc. and Mr.Abd Md Nizam, Mr.Hazrol (Electronic).. Thanx a bunch! Thanks for all the precious wisdom. I treasure all the knowledge taught and someday use it to benefit the society. Blessings upon ya’ll.

~ Good teacher touches the student deep inside, set examples and encourage students without prejudice!

~ Good teacher is like our own family, teaches not only academically but the value of life as well..

The Mediocre teacher tells…!!
The Good Teacher explains..!!
The Superior Teacher demonstrates..!!
The Great Teacher inspires..!!
I may not say it always. But, I mean it whenever I say it.
Thank You Teacher For you makes the hard things easy
for us while making your easy life hard..
Happy Teachers Day…………..!!!!!

Good Day teachers!

BS    ~(*_’)y


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