Something I figure out yesterday: at the saloon

So its on Monday, around 4pm. Me and my friend Neil went out just to manja2 ourself. So we stop by at a saloon (*can’t mention the name); I straightened my mee-maggie hair but Neil prefer her hair just like that. And there we were for about 2 1/2 to 3 hours. The straightening process started. bla bla bla..and what did I figure out?

We stepped in the saloon; there’s this one lady about my age greeted us, and I dunno-why I get the wrong impression. Although she was actually greeting us with smile but what she muttered were interesting. We thought that she was trying to shush us out. So I asked, “Tempat ini buka kah?” It showed ‘OPEN’ at the window but because we don’t get her, we get the WRONG impression/information! Luckily the boss was there (*who speak Malay la..hushh…lega..) Oh, by the way it cost me RM78 for the straightening. Gawai promotion she said!

That’s the one thing, this one is more interesting. We had conversation during the process, while she was washing my hair I found out that she (*the lady mentioned just now) was new there and actually studied at the same secondary school I went to. Same year entry but she hadn’t had the chance to finish her form 5. Then I thought to myself, this lady is a survivor/fighter and etc. You see, what I have in mind was that even without education she proved that skills is very useful to survive this generation. Dedicated bla bla bla..cut the crap, and at this one moment and what this lady said make me rethink again. What the heck? “sini kuat mahal pigi anty saya saloon lagi murah..” After that words, I can feel that my face turned red. A bit disappointed I think. I somehow replied her, “di mana?” but the conversation ended there when her boss call for her. Really, what she did is a betrayal. Duri dalam daging. Some people might think that it’s not a big deal, but to me; it is. Imagine how would her boss react. How if I am the boss? Gosh..I’ll fire her right after that. Stealing customer what! Unacceptable. I wouldn’t want that type of worker.

But I can see, how the boss treated her. I had a glanced at the lady and I saw her disgusted face. Pity her but she shouldn’t do that. I don’t know, maybe because I don’t understand mandarin. I might be wrong, I might be right. Only she knew. So, moral of the story~~be the boss is better than the worker.  ~(*_’)y


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