~My Good Day!~~

So on the 24th Octubre 2012, I got a letter offering to attend for an interview. Its a joy, and I’m overwhelmed with joy. i know that my mom will be joyous more than i do. (*tq JC)

The best part was, my bro in-law called me to notify bout the letter but I did not realized it as my hand-phone was in my pocket. As I walked toward the Lab graphic, (*I am taking the TOS Test 1 that time).  I checked my phone and saw 1 missed call. I did not bother until the next minute he sent a message telling me bout the letter. Honestly, my heart did pound faster than usual. Because it’s been quite sometime that I made the application..and till that day. Even though its only an offer for an interview, its a progress. One step closer. I pray and wished that I make  it through. (*finger cross) 

OO, by the way..I mention bout the TOS test right, so I calmed down myself a bit. Although curiosity was intense, but I managed myself and slowly answer the question. Just towards the end of the test period, the last 30 minutes; I had enough, take my phone and checked for text. And *whalaa! There goes a text from my bro-in-law. P29…all the question and curiosity all went down. But all and all, I am very very happy. Estoy muy feliz!

The next 12 days..all that matters. JC help me..

*bow and pray.


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