My mom

My mom

My beautiful mom!


Hi readers, this is my gorgeous mom, called Nipek Suip. Born by the year of ’65.  Married to my dad when she was 19!

Why I uploaded her pictures here? I want to have access to this picture wherever and whenever or whatever happens. I love my mom.

She’s my friend, a person I can cracks joke with, cool and understanding. Even when she’s angry to me, I still can joke around and she’ll smile.  What a mom! Superb! To all of you out there, love and respect your mom. They do the same to you, even if you don’t.  Another thing you should know, child labour is not easy. When I say it’s not easy; it is NOT. Google it if are wondering or just for knowledge. Mom is mom, they will always be your mom.


Sndok, sayang am’!



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