Changeability, adaptability and witty

The past few week I realized that I had googled fashion websites. I guess that is a change. Year 2013 resolution?
Hey, guess what more, I read articles about Gemini’s horoscope and I’m like “whoaa…sounds just like me!” But whatever, I lived day to day. LOL! The fact that I am finding the truest thing I love to do..but then reading the horoscope things scares me a bit. It says, “Gemini gets bored easily, changeable, adaptable and totally no persistence”. Does that suppose to scare me? derrr! I am! For the rest of my life, there is not yet a thing I find myself hang on for so long; except for hockey. Till today, its been 13 years. Other than that, none!
I know that I like adventures. I like to travels. I love to spend money, but the only problem is; there is no money to spend! ******* So, with this list of things that I love to do, is there any way that I may or possibly make money and at the same time, enjoying every bit of it? Any human on this planet earth whom has a good heart to tell me the how-to and what-to do things? Thanks a load in advance!
And now, I am so messed up. As messy as my hair are. Somebody, I need a solution! Jesus, Oprah, Dr.Oz…darling,mom, anybody…pleaseee *with cute face*


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