Another ordinary day

Its one ordinary day. Nothing much is going on in my life. I’m still a student, as what Coach Siva always say “scholar for life”. Well, I kinda have mixture of feeling hearing to this. Either to take it as a joke, or one challenge or an insult. But I guess I should take it as a joke but deep down, I accepted it as a challenge.

We read and we knew that some of college drop-out are now some famous billionaire. Will the name of Bill Gates ring a bell? Microsoft? Well, that is one big name, but I wasn’t sure if Donald Trump is in the club. Oh, talking about D. Trump, reminds me of Mr. Tin Peck King..just a thought.

Oh by the way, this entry is just a way I’m wasting my time a lil’ bit useful I’d say rather than browsing through YouTube and cry myself out of the X-Factor or The Voice’s incredible talent; then started to wishing myself having those great voice and sing wonderful love songs to my loved ones. Oh how I wish!

Oh hey! One more thing before I go, yesterday night as I indulged myself from the real world and started browsing for a song “Listen” by Beyonce fulfilling my guilty pleasure, I came across to Charice Pempengco. You know, the sensational young singer from Philippine introduced to the world by Oprah Winfrey? She has changed. I’m shocked but embraced her changes. But still I like the “old” Charice.  She was so adorable back then. 🙂 Just my thought.

GTG. See you soon electronic-self-talk-diary.


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