Potent Insomnia 

I guess when you focus on things that makes you happy and content, good things started to happen. Even if it’s Insomniatic. 😂

Is insomniatic a legit word? 🤔😅

Potent Insomnia

I have trouble sleeping yesterday and this babe was born!! I started to sketch by accident, did not plan for it and it’s because of three things that I secretly love and adore. So I asked a friend to draw it for me, end up Googling for the pictures myself and draw!

Ladybug, snail and magician hat

Ladybug 🐞, snail 🐌 and magician hat 🎩

Syhhh, don’t tell anyone. It’s not too ugly but not that great either but whatever. Drawing and sketching makes me feel good.  A therapy. Definitely gonna continue doing this..addictive! 😉


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