Gray Matter

You see, I sign up for this first time blogging by WordPress and I’m basically forced to write whatever that is bugging my mind this instance. It’s kind of funny because doesn’t matter how much I racked up my brain, I found nothing interesting to share with you guys, my reader(s)! SOL – smirking out loud

So I was told in order for me to attract readers, I got to be genuine, share interesting insights on whatever topics or provide information; which in my case I am none of the listed above(?). So what am I gonna write? Aha! And as you’re reading this part, I’d like to congratulate you for reaching this far (*applause!). Must be the most unproductive 5 minutes of your life. blahh..

Okay, I guess I’ll just throw this out here anyway.

Here I am at my working place listening to B.B.King Live All Over Again while taping furiously at this keypads, racking my brain (don’t have balls and I ain’t Miley Cyrus either) but end up write shiz. But hey, WordPress said you gotta practice. So, eh. And the title of this post? Frankly, I was in a gray mood. Besides, it could be a great SEO. (^^,)Y Leading traffic so at least I could feel good when checking my site report. Ha ha ha.

I enjoy jazz and blues. Occasional opera and country. R&B most of the time. talking about that, Justin Timberlake & Ne-Yo are the two I secretly admire. And Joss Stone. She’s awesome.

Till next post love. *muah*


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