The Impression of Law of Attraction

So it’s day two of Learning the Fundamental of blogging!

It focused on dear tagline and powerful title. Hurm, worth to ponder hence the title above. You see, back when I was in Politeknik Kuching someone lent me a copy of CD entitled The Law of Attraction. Guess what I did? I watched it for like 30 minutes then stopped the CD player because honestly I don’t get a single thing for the entire 30 minutes. Okay, maybe that was a little bit exaggerated but I was like uh, “Okay, so all I got to do is meditate, visualise and whalla. I’m getting what I want! Cool!“. I even come up with visions board! That was 12 years ago. 🙂 Now it’s nowhere to be found and all the visions were left with only visions. Bummer.

Then a decade passed by, I stumbled across the same topic again. But now I looked at it with a different view; more in depth and understanding with a pinch of experience. Looking back at it, it was quite hilarious to thinking of my naivety. Experience is THE greatest teacher.

I’m not going to elaborate about the Law of Attraction my dear reader because I’m nowhere near the expert of said topic, just my reminiscing of my past self. You can search them via YouTube or just Googling them!

So I guess that all for my blog entry today, as I retreat to my couch and pickup a book I’m currently reading. And just to inform you my dear beloved reader, my sketching book is on halt for the past two days as I’m still in the search of inspiration. Although pictures of babies/toddler keep flashing on my mind. *wink* If you’d like to challenge my rusty drawing ability, you’re welcome to send me some pictures! Dare me!

Till next post love.



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