Just this morning, I mean early morning I was browsing my twitter news-feed and there’s a tweet caught my eyes.

“Why I Lie, Cheat, Steal and Kill.”

So the first thing that pop up in my mind was “Uhuhh…what do we got here? Crime? Guilty confession?” and spent about 8 minutes to read what it’s about. Sure by the end of the article, I must applaud her for the effective title. Totally hooked me up!

The content however, it got me thinking. The world that I know of up till today despised all the words that was carefully chosen for the title. The world I’ve known for the past 30 years believe that the carefully chosen words for the title are taboo, bad words and bad, bad, bad…you know what I mean. But somehow, it makes sense.

Quoting the author herself,

Lie to yourself and create your opportunities.

Tell everyone who you want to be not who you are today.

But lying wasn’t enough. I realized I have to cheat 

After reading the article, what I understand is that the author urges her reader to “lie” (for the lack of better word. Vocab!) to themselves, lie to convince oneself to ……

Pheww, honestly? I think the previous paragraph was lame. I’m trying to dissect and pick the point and trying hard telling it like a pro, which I barely am. So lets take two shall we?


What fascinates me as I go through her article were the spot on points, which I feel it. Relate to it. About lying to oneself, yes. I’ve been doing that since, since all my life. How I lied to myself? I lied to my future me that I’m gonna do this later, that I’m gonna do it that way soon, or that I want to be this and that when I grow up. I lied. I never did the things I said. All those lies landed me here, right here right now. And yes, I cheated too. I cheated myself far too often. Told the previous me that I’m not gonna sleep in on weekend, but there’s a saying which was made famous by professional cheater “it’s not cheating if it’s not known“. The problem is, I knew! I lied. I cheated myself too!

And as if lying and cheating wasn’t enough, I steal my dreams and kill it in the process. Now why did I sabotage myself like that? Why?

Because, there were times when bad choices were made and rectification were not done.

Because naivete slap you cold in the face and you’re not ready for it.

Because you’re spoilt and make believes that you can do so much more when in reality? You’re just one spoiled brat who open their palms and lookup waiting for the unicorn.

So here to lying to yourself and believes that you have the capability to be whoever you wish to. Lay the lie big, because who would’ve thought that President T is gonna be a president in 2017?

Here’s to cheating your believes that no matter how low you fall, you’ll always ALWAYS get up, blow the dust, head held high and walk like a champ. (*Just please watch your steps though yeah?)

Here’s to stealing back all your dreams, all your future back from the slacks. Get up and move that first step. I’m stealing them back, b!tch.

And lastly, here’s to killing all those negative thoughts. “I kill you now and you shall die and vanished to the unending black-hole in the space. I don’t wish to see you EVER again. Go ahead and die! Hiyark! *Slicing the air with katana, standing with the lost samurai pose.

Last but not least, click the link if you wish to be inspired by the article. Beautifully written by Cammi Phamm, Medium Top Contributor, Quora Top Writer and TEDx Speaker .

Happy Easter 2017!

Much Love & whole load of Easter egg;



P/s: This post was revised 25 times! The first 5 paragraphs was quite a work because I’m doing it not my way. Then, when I realised what I did, the last part took me just 10 minutes to complete. My point is, when you do it your way, you’re liking the things you do and the process is much much more easier and pretty much meaningful. 🙂


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