Nothing Last, Nothing Strange

If only you knew what the future hold for you, because if you do there were things you wish to do differently, there were things you wish to unlearn, there were people you wish to unloved.

Funny, when you said that because there were times you told yourself that you won’t change a single thing that happened, not regretting or worse, proud of it.

Or perhaps that was younger you talking, lacking in life experiences, not meeting whole load of people from different walks of life and being young and ignorant.

Or perhaps it’s just you trying to prove that life is at satisfaction when deep under, there’s nothing there to even to think of.


But at the same time, you shall not let people walk on you, as experience-less as you are, stay positive and show that Teen Choice smile of yours because in the end YOU are all you got.


In time, wine taste super fine. In time, you’ll be at your best. Don’t give up. And you definitely don’t need that superhero wearing underwear outside to save you. YOU can save you.

Grandma used to say, “At the end of the dark tunnel, there’s always walls. Why not change direction guided by the sound of bats?” Honestly, you have no idea what she’s talking about.

In the end; Nothing Last, Nothing Strange.

On CNY Nite of 2014
On CNY Nite of 2014 with Luek, Snabel and mom.

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