Yoga Junket?!

Hey ya’ll!!

It’s been a while since my last post. I’ve been lazy lately.

So, I recently forcing myself to try some of the yoga poses. My two favorite poses so far were Setu Bandha (bridge pose) & vajrasana (sitting pose in asana). Since I’ve always been a difficult “pooper” (trouble to poop :D) vajrasana certainly helps, safe and free. No medicine required and certainly no long term harming chemical involved. Setu Bandha is a choice to strengthen my lower back, what being a hockey player and bending a lot over time somehow do harm to my back.

I’ve tried vajrasana for weeks now, getting out of bed, drink a cup of warm water then prepare my morning coffee. Then proceed to a few poses just to create the habit. Why warm water? Because my grandma would always recommend a glass of warm water right after bed for good digestion, and it worked indeed. And vajrasana enhance the pooping. I’m good. *smiley face* For those who would like to dig into this yoga shenanigans, you can just click here where they explain the how, the why and the wow for the vajrasana pose.

Setu Bandha is a bridge pose which I find pretty easy to do and a no brainer. The first few times were a bit challenging since I have a weak core and lower body strength. But with persistence and perseverance, or whichever stance, it gets better and you get stronger. So, go yoga! *wink! Winket!* And a strong core body muscle is so so good and super beneficial for you. In anything physical. *sly smile*



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