Don’t Hesitate mf

I don’t really understand addiction, and how much it impacts one’s life. Alcoholism, gambling, drugs. Okay, that got nothing to do with the title and definitely not what I want to convey now. Maybe for the next entry, maybe.

Now lets talk about hesitation.

I hesitate a lot. Like fuckin lots.  Who doesn’t? You? You? Nahh, you wish but whatever. Now though, I’d like to tell this through my own experience. Nothing extraordinaire but you see, if you just talk shiz but not doing it? Shit don’t happen. Really.

One. I hesitate to find a place of my own, thinking I still got time but when the bomb dropped? You’re left crushed and crumbled. Too late. By that time, instead of 80% you must triple the effort because last minute shit cost lot more.

Two. Further one’s study. Heck, this is the best part cause (LOL!) hesitation and stupidity was at its best. I shouldn’t hesitate changing my major like, 7 years ago? Now this cost me wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more than money BUT my friggin time as well. How silly. Should have smack the forehead with a fuckin fipper!!

Three. Well, I think those were the most significant stupidation available as of now. There’re more but, it’ll take days. Gah! Now now, just don’t hesitate anymore. Do your research, want it then just do it. I got no more time to waste so yeah, peeps may say shit but this is definitely my road, my ride.

Keep doing shiz peeps. You’ll be surprised how far it’ll take you. Gambateh!!


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