Don’t Hesitate mf

Now lets talk about hesitation...


Yoga Junket?!

Hey ya'll!! It's been a while since my last post. I've been lazy lately. So, I recently forcing myself to try some of the yoga poses. My two favorite poses so far were Setu Bandha (bridge pose) & vajrasana (sitting pose in asana). Since I've always been a difficult "pooper" (trouble to poop :D) vajrasana … Continue reading Yoga Junket?!


Just this morning, I mean early morning I was browsing my twitter news-feed and there's a tweet caught my eyes. "Why I Lie, Cheat, Steal and Kill." So the first thing that pop up in my mind was "Uhuhh...what do we got here? Crime? Guilty confession?" and spent about 8 minutes to read what it's … Continue reading Lie?Cheat?Steal?Kill?~~

The Impression of Law of Attraction

So it's day two of Learning the Fundamental of blogging! It focused on dear tagline and powerful title. Hurm, worth to ponder hence the title above. You see, back when I was in Politeknik Kuching someone lent me a copy of CD entitled The Law of Attraction. Guess what I did? I watched it for … Continue reading The Impression of Law of Attraction

Gray Matter

You see, I sign up for this first time blogging by WordPress and I'm basically forced to write whatever that is bugging my mind this instance. It's kind of funny because doesn't matter how much I racked up my brain, I found nothing interesting to share with you guys, my reader(s)! SOL - smirking out … Continue reading Gray Matter

Potent Insomnia 

I guess when you focus on things that makes you happy and content, good things started to happen. Even if it's Insomniatic. 😂 Is insomniatic a legit word? 🤔😅 I have trouble sleeping yesterday and this babe was born!! I started to sketch by accident, did not plan for it and it's because of three … Continue reading Potent Insomnia 

The ” ” of Life

To able to breath till today is one hell of achievement. Well, considering some human whom take shortcuts by ending their own live. Its a shame but can't blame them either. Society today is cruel. Judging other individuals just because they have different ways of living life; having the so called ideal way to live … Continue reading The ” ” of Life