Nothing Last, Nothing Strange

If only you knew what the future hold for you, because if you do there were things you wish to do differently, there were things you wish to unlearn, there were people you wish to unloved. Funny, when you said that because there were times you told yourself that you won't change a single thing … Continue reading Nothing Last, Nothing Strange


The Impression of Law of Attraction

So it's day two of Learning the Fundamental of blogging! It focused on dear tagline and powerful title. Hurm, worth to ponder hence the title above. You see, back when I was in Politeknik Kuching someone lent me a copy of CD entitled The Law of Attraction. Guess what I did? I watched it for … Continue reading The Impression of Law of Attraction

Another ordinary day

Its one ordinary day. Nothing much is going on in my life. I'm still a student, as what Coach Siva always say "scholar for life". Well, I kinda have mixture of feeling hearing to this. Either to take it as a joke, or one challenge or an insult. But I guess I should take it … Continue reading Another ordinary day